Traci is helping me leave behind my lifelong ride on the diet merry-go-round. Finally I'm starting to feed myself and really live in this body. Her understanding of nutrition as well as her steady compassion is making such a difference for me."

Nutrition Counseling

Do you wish to find your true inner compass for healthy eating in order to ditch deprivation, emotional eating and fad diets once and for all? We can help you learn to nourish your body properly and trust your healthy weight to emerge naturally and with more ease. With WholeLifeLifted, you will feed yourself properly for best results in achieving a healthy metabolism, fitness performance and energy for optimal life functioning.

Health Coaching

Are you seeking more consistency and effectiveness in acheiving your health & fitness goals? Do you need support & accountability to make your health a top priority? Do you ultimately want more joy in the journey to optimal well-being? We can help you get unstuck and into successful patterns with an individualized action plan. Our coaching services will assist you in leveraging your motivation to create the healthy outcomes you want and need.

Well-Being Workshops

Do you know you have more success with others on the same page? Do you crave more connection, fun and support as you work hard to reach your goals? Do you simply need more knowledge, skills and tools to live a healthier life? We offer groups, seminars and workshops to facilitate powerful habit change, transformation and successful self-care for better health. The evidence is undisputed that we humans do better together...let us work with you or your organization to create lasting change.

Body Confidence Coaching

Are you fed up with letting the scale, social media and comparison dictate how you judge & treat yourself? Do you want to get off the negative self-talk train to nowhere and learn how to be your own best coach and friend for life? We can help you build confidence, measure progress in meaningful and relevant ways. Let us help you reach your highest potential and bring your best self to life. Our mindset is the most powerful health tool we have. We can help you integrate body, mind and spirit for undeniable inner & outer beauty.

Start Your Journey

We can help!  WholeLifeLifted coaching is a FABULOUS fit if you want... 

  • More personal motivation and access to your best, most powerful self
  • Successful & effective healthy habit change to make your wellness journey simple and joyful 
  • Individualized nutrition, fitness & emotional wellness planning and support 
  • Body composition consulting and confidence-boosting strategies for measurement of personal progress and success
  • A (com)passionate, committed coach who will not stop short of your complete satisfaction in reaching your health goals!!!

Let's get started with some powerful first steps...